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A Handmade Necklace You Can't Live Without!

handmade kingman turquoise pendant necklace
Kingman Turquoise Pendant Necklace

handmade rocky butte jasper necklace
Rocky Butte Jasper
Handmade Tibetan Turquoise necklace
Turquoise and Gaspeite (includes earrings)
handmade pearl circle necklace 
Bronze Pearls and Thai Circle
Mexican rhyolite and jade necklace
Mexican Rhyolite and Burmese Jade
(includes earrings)

handmade onyx and ocean jasper necklace
Onyx and Ocean jasper Pendant
(includes earrings)

handmade turquoise necklace
Turquoise and Silver

handmade lavender pearl necklace
Lavender Pearl and Thai Heart

Handmade Rhodolite and Garnet Necklace
Rhodolite Garnet

Handamde Blue Quartz Necklace
Blue Quartz
(earrings included)

handmade magenta agate necklace
Magenta/Fuschia Agate

Handmade Peacock Pearl Necklace
Peacock Pearl
(earrings included)

handmade Pearl necklace
Keishi Pearl

handmade rocky butte jasper briolette necklace
Rocky Butte Jasper
(includes earrings)
 handmade carnelian and thai silver necklace
Carnelian and Thai Silver
handmade kingman turquoise necklace
Kingman Turquoise and Hopi Silver Pendant
handmade Mexican lace agate necklace
Mexican Lace Agate
(includes earrings)
handmade crazy lace agate necklace
Crazy Lace Agate

Handmade Thai Hill Tribe Silver Pendant Necklace
Thai Hill Tribe Silver Pendant

handmade ocean jasper pendant necklace
Ocean Jasper Pendant Charm Necklace

handmade turquoise and pearl necklace

 Royston Turquoise (RARE) and Pearl Pendant

handmade coin pearl necklace
Coin Pearl and Thai Silver Charm

Handmade fox turquoise pendant necklace
Fox Turquoise and Spirit Horse Pendant

Handmade lapis and amethyst necklace
Lapis and Amethyst

A handmade necklace or pendant necklace handcrafted with your favorite semi-precious gems is a sweet treasure. Here you can find just the right handmade necklace made with gemstones such as turquoise (including rare and premium American turquoise and Tibetan turquoise), pink Peruvian opals, lapis Lazuli, amazonite, rhodonite, picture jasper, gaspeite, coral, carnelian, hemimorphite and more. Gemstone pendants include jasper, lapis and Peruvian opal and turquoise. Some necklaces have beautiful Thai Hill Tribe silver pendants or clasps as well as Bali Sterling beads and clasps. Several necklaces have handmade gemstone and silver extender chains so you can adjust the length.

I hand select every gemstone and pay particular attention to quality construction so you will have a handmade necklace you will want to wear time after time, year after year. Here you will find a variety of styles to fit your every mood and occasion. Handmade necklaces created in styles for business as well as casual wear. Necklaces that are as beautiful as the gemstones that make them - necklaces to make you smile! 

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